What Features Should The Best Four Wheel Suitcases Have?

If travelling would've been as easy as picking a destination, you wouldn’t have to worry about anything. Unfortunately, it’s not! You have to plan, prepare, and pack accordingly. Yes, you read that disturbing word again. It’s challenging enough to determine the items you need, let alone packing them properly in your suitcase. Now, guidelines on filling up your bags won’t be of any use to you unless you buy the right luggage first. If you manage to select the best carrier, packing it will cease to remain as irritating as it used to be earlier. Continue reading to learn more about how you must go about it.



1. The size: No matter what anyone says or believes, determining the size of your luggage is mandatory. If you’re after lightweight suitcases, you’ll find what you need at A1 FASHION GOODS. Then again, choosing a lightweight hard-sided bag doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on size. Apart from that, you need to double-check the airline’s norms on bag sizes.

2. Price and durability: Are you a frequent traveller? Do you commute regularly for work or leisure? Whatever you do, you’re going to need a four wheel suitcases above everything else. You have to make sure that you purchase something that will survive your travels. Some companies offer lifetime guarantees. If possible, you should buy something from one such brand. In doing so, you can rely on them to fix your broken or damaged luggage for free. 



3. Spinners and rollers: A suitcase may have two or four wheels, but are they rollers or spinners? You need to find the answer to this question. In reality, two-wheeled products belong to the roller group, while four-wheeled ones are part of the spinner group. No matter what you select, you must do so based on your travel style and requirements. According to experts, spinner luggage can outrun roller bags in terms of ergonomics. The best thing about them is that you don’t need to bother with the weight of your bag.

4. The shell: You can pick whatever you like because the choice between hard-shell and soft-shell bags depends entirely on the user’s preferences. A lot of people resort to hard-sided products due to their stylishness and numerous design options. Additionally, they offer better protection to the contents. If you have any fragile items, you can keep them inside your hard-sided bag. On the other hand, flexibility features are available with soft-sided products only.



5. The handle: No matter how insignificant it sounds, the handle of a trolley deserves as much attention as the rest of it. Those who had to haul their heavy luggage with wobbly handles inside an airport recognize the importance of having a strong handle. Apart from being rigid, it has to retract and collapse entirely inside the bag. Ergonomically designed telescopic handles are the best.

Extra features

There can be a few things that may make or break an excellent travel bag for you. For instance, a few travellers want their luggage to have both internal and external pockets for better organization. Others want their bags to have smart features, such as a mobile phone charging port. In the end, everything boils down to your choices and requirements.