Travel Light with Men’s Leather Holdall Bags

Travelling does not necessarily mean that you need to pack your things in large suitcases and drag them along with you. It may hold true for family trips or long vacations but not always. If you need a suitcase for a solo trip, that too for like a weekend; you are doing it wrong. Suitcases have their own weight which you will be carrying around with you unnecessarily. For such purposes, backpacks and carry-on bags will be sufficient.


Mens Leather holdall
Holdall Bags: These are a sort of carry-on bags which are somewhat rectangular in shape. Usually, there is a top zipper for the main compartment of the bag. There are a few side zips, whose position depends on the make of the bag. For the purpose of carrying, two short handles are present for holding it by hand. There is a sling to carry it over your shoulder or even cross it over your body. Rarely, in case of larger holdalls, long metal handles and wheels are also present to roll it on the ground. The bags can be made up various materials like cloth or synthetic fibre, but the men’s leather holdall from A1 Fashion Goods gives a more premium feel.
Advantages of Holdall Bags


Holdall bags may not be the suitcase killers, but they are superior in their own way.


Lightweight and Easy to Carry: This is the main reason why people get holdall bags. They are extremely lightweight, and do not overburden you. Even the largest holdalls are not that heavy. This also enables you to take your bag to almost anywhere and move with it in ease.


Mens Leather holdall
No Restrictions: Many places do not allow you to carry bags up to a certain size and weight. Especially while boarding a flight you will face many restrictions regarding this. Flights allow a maximum of 7 kgs as hand baggage per person and 15 kgs as luggage per person. An average holdall bag is around 2-3kgs with maximum around 4kgs. This means you can easily carry it even as hand baggage, and you do not need to wait at the conveyor belt after getting down.


Sufficient Space: Holdall bags may seem small from the outside but they can actually accommodate a lot. You can easily fit in all the necessary belongings for yourself for a weekend trip without compromises.


Mens Leather holdall
Different Types: You can find different types of holdall bags, mostly varying according to its size, style and material use. Generally, it comes in four sizes, namely cabin, small, medium and large in ascending order. Style variations are not regular, as they come in different shapes, features and additional chains and pockets. As for the material, leather holdall bags are the most superior type. They are sturdy and also looks good at the same time. You can get a nice collection of men’s leather holdall bags on A1 Fashion Goods online store.
It makes little sense to bring a suitcase along with you on a short trip. Getting a holdall bag can serve the purpose well. Choose among the various types of leather holdalls and get the one that suits you.