The 5 Best Ultra Lightweight Suitcases for Travel

The quality of your travel luggage to a great extent determines the quality of your vacation. Expert travellers opine that to travel light is the best way of travelling. Sturdy yet light suitcases can help you to remain well stacked, organized yet flexible enough to move from one to another. Owing to this demand pattern several such light weight luggage have emerged in the market. Although they are manufactured and distributed by several luggage brands, these cases can be categorized under some basic groups. Let us take a look at them.

Compact hard shell cases

Top brands bring stylish compact hard shell lightweight suitcases which are a raging favourite in the market. These are suitcases comes in all sizes. The outer shell is made out of tough polycarbonate. This makes the suitcase perfect for using for different kinds of travel purpose. You must look for small compact designs which will keep the luggage type light weight and easy to manage. They come on strong four spinners which make them easy to control and move on any type of terrain.

Soft luggage

The soft luggage were the suitcase’s outer cover is made out of a strong fabric are yet again another example of lightweight suitcases. They come in different types of sizes and colours. The maker of these suitcases is simple and very much attractive. The interiors are spacious and have neat segments or compartments. This means that now you can pack all your essentials for the trip in a clean and organized manner. Since the outer shell or the cover of the suitcase is made out of fabric, the luggage by itself is very light. This is why most people select this type of luggage as their travel pack.

Duffel on wheels

The duffel bags are also suitcases or longish shaped pilot cases which are made out of strong fabric. These bags come with zip lock facility and they are mounted on wheels for an easy pulling mechanism. These bags since are made out of fabric are quite light weight. They have spacious interiors which is why people can pack in several items required for a comfortable outstation trip.

Compact trolley bags

Smart sleek and stylish these bags are compact and perfect for packing for a couple of days trip. These bags are ideally suited for single travellers. In fact these bags happen to be one of the most suitable options for business travellers. They are small, compact and light. They are not only easy to carry but they can be perfect as flight cabin luggage.

Rucksacks cum cases

If you are looking for light suitcases which can serve multipurpose then you can always try the back pack or the rucksack cum suitcase combo. These bags can be pulled with the help of a trolley. The trolley or the wheels are detachable and then you can carry them on your back like a rucksack. They again happen to be perfect for single traveller.