Some Ways to Personalize an Authentic 4 Wheel Hard Shell Suitcase

Did you travel in an airplane recently? If you did, then you probably noticed that almost all the seats were full. Also, the security checking queues were long and you had to struggle with your luggage. These events are quite common these days as the popularity of traveling rises. Airports become more crowded than usual on special days, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas. Now, you're always at the risk of misplacing your bags in densely crowded zones. So, what can you do to prevent losing your baggage? Here are a few ideas.


1. Unusual tags : Stick unique and unusual luggage tags on your 4 wheel hard shell suitcase. Get rid of the standard-issue airline tag and replace it with something big and bold. If possible, then look for tags with fluorescent colors.

2. Draw patterns : Do you have a roll of duct tape at your home? Then you can showcase your artistry by creating patterns on your lightweight suitcases using that tape. You can create a design on the back or front or both. If you aren't feeling too ambitious, then just write your name on the tape and stick it.


3. Colorful tapes : Apart from the bodies of the four-wheel suitcases, you can add bright-colored tape on the handles. This idea is much more effective because most people create designs on the bodies of the bags. Only a few people think about using the handle to showcase their artistic tendencies. You can be one of those few individuals.

4. Colorful belts : Start shopping around for luggage belts and buy only colorful ones. Then, you should just tie those belts around the middle of the bags. They are great for keeping all your luggage pieces together while adding a pop of color to the ensemble. If you abhor flashy hues, then look for more conventional and acceptable shades.

5. More artistry : You have more than enough options to use and display your artistry on your luggage. Get hold of some fabric paint or even spray paint and use your bags as the canvases. Create some patterns, a spirit animal, flowers, your family crest, or anything else that inspires you.


6. Accessorize them : Look for colorful ribbons, lanyards, bungee cords, fabric, zip ties, scarves, or something similar in the market. Then, attach them to your luggage handles. After all, holidays are the best time to let loose and show off those colorful ribbons. Remind everyone of the ongoing festivities while being on-the-go.

More ideas

Do you want more ideas? What about using “caution” tapes? Wrap then around your bag to inform pilferers and other perpetrators that you're carrying volatile chemical or explosives (not literally). Or, you can simply purchase new bags with bright, unique, and unusual colors. Also, look for retro travel stickers. They are quite popular with avid travelers who love to enjoy a good laugh now and then. Otherwise, if you have a favorite music band, then buy stickers bearing their logo and stick them on your baggage.