Kick Away the Cold with a Stylish Sheepskin Jacket

Men share an undying and everlasting bond with the shearling jackets and coats. After all, the fabric originated from the air-force and people associate it with the heroic aviators. Understandably, shearling jackets made of sheepskin will always retain their fashion statement. However, you can simply cast aside those checkered versions of the past. Clothing companies don't manufacture them anymore. You should pay attention to the shearling jackets of today. They are unmistakably stylish and practical. The best part is that you can pair them with almost everything else that you have in your wardrobe. Shearling coats are warm and tactile with luxurious appearances and feel.




About shearling jackets

The full-length sheepskin coat men's are available at a1fashion. Companies like these manufacture these shearling jackets with the costliest stuff. Unlike woolly jumpers, manufacturers produce sheepskin coats using the skin of lambs or sheep. Some of the pieces come with tanned suede on one side while the treated coat remains attached to the other. The process of creating these coats can make both leather and animal hides ludicrously expensive. Then, there is the associated labor required to fashion clothes out of it. However, the price of a sheepskin jacket depends on where you purchase it from. For instance, the website mentioned in this topic sells real shearling coats at affordable prices. How they retain such pocket-friendly price-tags is a well-kept secret.

How to wear

The task of finding a full-length sheepskin coat men’s shouldn't be too difficult for you now that you know where to buy it. However, choosing the right outfit that goes with the shearling jacket will be somewhat challenging. Shearling jackets are highly versatile, but you can't call it a “wardrobe staple.” The rule of thumb is that shearling jackets work best with casual dresses. For instance, a sheepskin coat goes best with a denim or flannel shirt and jeans or chinos. Then again, you have no reason to dismiss it for evening outings. Black shearling jackets are perfect for events where you have to look smart. They work with tailoring. Common shearling coats are primarily of the bomber or pilot variety.




Famous personalities wearing a shearling

There was a cultural revolution in the Hollywood industry that kicked off in the 1950s. Movie stars adopted sheepskin jackets as the go-to outerwear pieces. Marlon Brando was the firm notable individual who wore a shearling jacket in the crime drama “On The Waterfront” that hit the theaters in 1954. Soon after that, James Dean donned it in 1956 in the movie called “Giant.” Then, in 1986 , Tom Cruise revived it in his film “Top Gun.” Finally, in 2012, shearling jackets reacquired the stage with a touch of evil upon it. Yes, it was Tom Hardy playing the role of the surprisingly well-dressed villain Bane in “The Dark Knight Rises.” Apart from these iconic wearers, many more Hollywood personalities regularly use sheepskin coats and jackets during the winter months.




Choice of accessories

The greatest functional advantage of a sheepskin jacket is its warmth and comfort. Your choice of accessories will capitalize on the strength of shearling coats. A knitted, well-fitting roll-neck sweater and a regular scarf will provide enough detail to your fashion statement without taking away the attention from the jacket. Don't forget to wear a sturdy pair of boots, especially if you are treading around in less hospitable terrains.