A Style Guide For Men’s Biker Leather Jackets And Other Variants

Did you ever think how the ever-so-humble leather jacket, a single piece of outwear, managed to incite such a wide range of reactions? Just consider the matter for a moment – they ooze rugged masculinity, sexy feminity, classic conservatism, edge, rebellion, daring, aggression, and chic unreachability. Due to the presence of different types of leather jackets, you’ll surely find something to suit your style, expression, and attitude. However, it’s only possible if you can get your hands on the right outfit. When combined with the right person and the right package, the true beauty of the garment will pop out. So, which one is right for you? How will you avoid investing in something no appropriate for you?

The bomber: The bomber jacket is as popular as the Men’s biker leather jacket. While it’s just another variation of the flight jacket, the design of this outfit makes it more streamlined and significantly more modern. It’s a lightweight option that doesn’t have sheepskin collars and liners. Instead, it has a straight zip combined with a low-profile collar, along with visible pockets. It won’t draw unwarranted attention, either.

The biker: The Men’s biker leather jacket is one of the most preferred outwear pieces. It’s also one of the earliest entries in the category of jackets crafted using leather. Made specifically for people riding Harley Davidson motorcycles, they’ll make you look cool. The design draws inspiration from flight jackets with asymmetrical zippers. This feature allows a motorcyclist to lead forward without the zipper tearing into the soft skin of the rider’s belly.

The flight: Flight jackets were probably the first style to pop up in the market. Unfortunately, they don’t look like modern-age products. Clothing designers created them to make the wearer feel warm. They’re also hard-wearing, which makes them suitable for pilots in the early days of rattling, unheated, and bone-shaking flights. The style resonates with reliability, a connection with the strength of character.

The racer: If you take the bomber to its minimalist conclusions, you’ll get the chic and stylish racer jacket. They’re the most upward-reaching of all styles and are at home in cream tones when placed on the shoulders of a socialite sipping champagne, a musician, or even a playboy. While they don’t have a long heritage to boast of, they’re perfect for new-age folks.

The field: The field jacket belongs to an entirely different era of leather-based products. It holds a position in the gap between the rugged requirements of pilots and the extravagant needs of motorcyclists. Field jackets don’t match the ones worn by elegant socialites, either. Victorian aristocratic explorers were the first to start donning them. These men had personal libraries, but they actually wanted to seek out Mayan ruins with deerhounds rushing behind them.

Branding: Now, you’re probably wondering whether you should pay attention to the brand. Well, you won’t have to do it in some cases, but in others, purchasing one from a recognized brand will be better. Designer labels carry the status of the designer, which, in turn, influences the price tag. You’ll also encounter brands you’ve never heard of before, but they offer high-quality products.

Final considerations: In the end, you’ll want to know how much you should spend on a jacket. For that purpose, you should consider shopping around for some time. Seek out a few examples of products you like and compare the price tags. The sum of money you’ll eventually pay for your jacket will be the result of several factors, including your budget and purchasing habits.