8 Of the Best Four Wheel Suitcases


A light weighing travel suitcase becomes a stress-reliever when you travel by air. It reduces the extra weight of the carrier and helps you to carry more inside. Also, a robustly manufactured luggage carrier eliminates safety concerns. You stay assured about the possible damages and travel stress-free. Listing the top eight picks from the best range of four-wheeled carry-ons. 


Solid colors for travel


Mono-colored Four wheel suitcases with a hard-shell exterior make a convenient and useful choice. A dark black or a blue hard-shelled trolley set with 360-degree spinners below is a perfect travel companion. Minimally styled, the easy-to-glide suitcase features a large cavity inside. Keep your things in a perfect line-up by strapping up with the elastic inside.  


Light in every way


Light in weight and light in color, both make a great choice when it comes to suitcases. With convenient handles that are easy to grip and drag, these bags are great for long vacations. Carry your luggage with a fashionable appeal on the outside and a neat arrangement inside. 


Amazing designs and utility


Combination locks and a complete zip all over make the suitcase perfect for a quick trip. Put everything you need inside and strap it up. It keeps everything in place so that you can find your things easily. Slide your suitcase in style and travel with ease. 



Trending quirky prints


Quirky prints on the suitcases make it a unique choice while touring. Turn eyeballs at the airport with the unique colors and designs on the exterior. A perfect blend of visual appeal and utility makes them among the top picks. 


For bright vacations


Bright colors on the trolleys with contemporary paints on top are a mood-changer. It amplifies your holiday mood and energizes the journey. Hard-shell on the outside is damage-proof and built with care. The zipline on the sides makes it easy to open at once and close it after packing. 


Designs that define


A suitcase having a marble design is a true example of fashion in luggage carriers. A sophisticated choice to make, the trolley features a granite marble print in black. The strong polycarbonate makes it flexible yet robust. Pack more without worrying about the luggage load with this one. 


Unique from the rest


A new-generation suitcase for the millennials deserves a special mention among the top picks. Ultra-weight bags with stack-up man comic print all-over are something which you have never seen before. The splash of colors in the comic print makes it a bright and unique choice. 


Florals all the way


A fabulous floral print on the suitcase to make your spring holidays merrier. These are strong but look delicate with the beautiful flower print all over. Team it with your floral travel wears and twin with your luggage at the airport. Make your journey joyful with this ergonomically designed trolley. 



Travel in style!


With so many versatile luggage carriers, why stick to the old suitcases? Explore with suitcases as you do with your wearables. Pick the one that is convenient to carry and makes a stylish appearance at the airport carousel.